Nameless Filmmaker Caroline Jaden Stussi


Nameless is a 17 minutes educational cinema-thrill in one-take.  First time director C.J. Stussi raised a mini-budget of only $770 via Kickstarter and sponsors to realize her vision to create an educational tool to be used in classes of different disciplines. 


The film educates about psychological manipulation and was written in collaboration with manipulation expert and bestseller author Dr. G. Simon.  It shall help to recognize and deal with psychological manipulation - a behavior that happens in all areas of life and to which especially young adults are prone to fall prey of.


The film won numerous awards and premiered at the Playhouse 7 in Pasadena.  It has been implemented into classes in Switzerland, Canada and the United States and received great press reviews.  


To emphasize the continuous process of psychological manipulation, the camera circles around the actress like a predator to spin her into a net of confusion while the circles get tighter and faster.


A Canon 5D was chosen to create an additional continuous flow and coalescence of boundaries by merging the shooting location of a theatre with a cinematic look. 


The film is based on true events the filmmaker experienced herself and she is grateful to contribute this self-help tool to others.


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